Trifecta Waste Receptacles

Trifecta Waste Receptacles
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Product Description

Trifecta Waste Receptacles
Four receptacles, a multitude of configurations. Trifeccta introduces flexiable design to accommodate any workplace setting. In addition, the stainless steel lids feature laser cut inscriptions to assist in the identification of recyclables. The unique design allows bags to remain firmly inside the container, thus avoiding any unsightful appearance.
Choose from the in-stock Black base or the 19 additional special order colors.

Four sizes of base: 15, 17, 19, 21 Gallon
Four Lids: Waste, Cans, Paper, Plastic

Color Gallery

15 Gallon - 19.5W x 19.5D x 26"H
17 Gallon - 19.5W x 19.5D x 30"H
19 Gallon - 19.5W x 19.5D x 34"H
21 Gallon - 19.5W x 19.5D x 38"H

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Create and configure anywhere you need a receptacle or recycling. And that's everywhere! Make a recycling center near your print station, in your print shop, supply room, lunch room or cafeteria, mail room or in your warehouse. Got trash? How about a Trifecta™ for trash and one for paper? Or plastic? Or Cans? Since the configurations are endless so are the options! Configure the Trifecta in your media center, faculty lounge, food court, at a trade show or in your school. It's a new way to a greener day.