Stratta Seat Cushion

Stratta Seat Cushion
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The Stratta Seat Cushion was designed to make those popular mesh office chairs more comfortable to sit in. The seat cushion has 2" of high density foam to soften the seat while still allowing your body weight to be evenly distributed over your sitting area. The Stratta Seat Cushion covers the entire seat including the hard plastic edges. Great item if you feel the chair 'digging' into your legs or thighs.

Easy to install, slips right over the seat frame and attaches via hook and loop straps to the frame of the chair. No tools, no aggravating instructions.

Three sizes to choose from for a perfect fit.
Not sure of your chairs size? Face the back of your chair, find the manufacturer's name at the top of the back. Reach a finger behind the logo between the mesh and the plastic frame. You will feel dots:
Size A - (one dot)
Size B - (two dots)
Size C - (three dots)

I absolutely love this seat cushion, my butt thanks you!
Carrie  New York, NY

This makes my Aeron chair so much better, now I can sit in it for hours.
Glen  Skokie, IL

The Stratta Seat Cushion was so easy to install, took less than 5 minutes, the padding is just right.
Craig  Houston, TX

How did I ever sit in my Aeron chair without this? I'm a freelance writer and spend 10 hours a day in my chair, this cushion takes a good chair and makes it great.
Stephen  Duluth, MN

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