The human body is designed a certain way, with curves at the neck, ribcage, lumbar, and tailbone. Working with a proper body posture results in the most comfortable body positioning. But, is your workstation equipped to allow you to sit in a supportive way, one that maintains the integrity of the body's natural position?

Ergonomics is the science of adapting your workstation to your body, so that your body remains in the position it was meant to assume. Ergonomic tools allow you to work, and not hurt. They allow you to minimize pressure that is a natural consequence of incorrect body positioning. When you introduce ergonomic tools into your work environment, you have taken a progressive and important step in removing these unwelcome pressures. The result is a workday with more energy and productivity. Your investment in ergonomic tools will enable you to achieve that desired level of comfort.

The goal of any computer work space should be to provide a neutral position for the user. This sitting posture minimizes the work stress on your hand, arm neck and back muscles while both stationary and typing. This position is not achievable with many workstations; however, a few peripheral items can have a most positive impact on your working comfort. And with that additional comfort comes more productivity.