ErgoFunction Keyboard Tray

ErgoFunction Keyboard Tray
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Product Description

ErgoFunction Keyboard Tray
Our standard keyboard tray, the ErgoFunction is a straight platform that allows for infinite placement possibilities for your mouse and keyboard. With three mounting options, the tray may be positioned in the center of the support arm, or just left or right of it. An antimicrobial wristrest, keyboard skids, and adhesive mousepad are included.

Arm Options

Standard Arm
A cost-effective 21 Teflon adjustable arm with adjustments in height and tilt, spring assisted, mounted with a 21 track. An economical and sturdy keyboard support.

Extended Arm
Our extended reach mechanism uses an extra long track to place the keyboard at a greater distance from the desk. The travel distance is 15.7 on a 21 track. Offering a 360 degree swivel, with a convenient tray-tilt indicator display.

Sit-Stand Arm
A Teflon support arm with eight inch vertical mobility for use in either a standing or seated position. The Sit-Stand arm offers quick adjustment, ease of motion and maintenance free operation. Keyboard angle tilt and height displays ensure exact positioning every time. The Sit-stand arms maximize ergonomic support for both seated and standing positions. This arm also includes a dial tilt gauge and a height gauge to provide specific ergonomic adjustments.